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Vastu Turtle, Fengshui Turtle with yantras

Vastu Turtle, Fengshui Turtle with yantras


Introducing the Vastu Turtle with Brass Construction and 5 Powerful Yantras Enhance the positive energy and harmonize your living or working space with our exquisite Vastu Turtle, meticulously crafted with high-quality brass. This beautiful turtle figurine not only adds a touch of elegance to your decor but also brings the powerful influence of Vastu Shastra into your surroundings. The Vastu Turtle features five distinct yantras, each carefully drawn on its back: 1. Vaypar Yantra: This yantra is known for its ability to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity into your life. It helps to remove financial obstacles and open up new avenues for success. 2. Shree Yantra: Considered one of the most powerful yantras, the Shree Yantra symbolizes divine cosmic energy. It is believed to bring about harmony, peace, and overall well-being in your home or office. 3. Kuber Yantra: Associated with Lord Kuber, the deity of wealth and material abundance, the Kuber Yantra invites good fortune and prosperity. It helps to attract wealth and alleviate financial difficulties. 4. Karya Siddhi Yantra: The Karya Siddhi Yantra is revered for its ability to fulfill desires and accomplish goals. It aids in removing obstacles and ensures success in all endeavors, be it personal or professional. 5. Manokamna Siddhi Yantra: The Manokamna Siddhi Yantra is designed to fulfill your wishes and desires. It empowers you to manifest your dreams and aspirations, promoting positivity and success in all areas of life. Additionally, at the bottom of the Vastu Turtle, you will find a yantra depicting the first magic square. Legend has it that this ancient yantra was discovered on the back of a turtle, symbolizing stability, wisdom, and longevity. It is believed to possess mystical properties that bring balance and positive energy to your space. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra and invite positive energies into your life with our Vastu Turtle. Place it in your home, office, or any space that requires a harmonious and prosperous environment. The intricate craftsmanship and powerful yantras make it a truly remarkable and meaningful addition to your decor. Note: The Vastu Turtle is carefully crafted with brass, ensuring durability and timeless beauty. The dimensions of the product are [insert dimensions]. Please handle with care to preserve its intricate details and maintain its positive energy. Experience the positive transformation in your surroundings with the Vastu Turtle - a symbol of prosperity, abundance, and harmony.

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