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  • Helping you to understand your horoscope properly,

  • I will guide you for an hour over the call in this reading.

Gautam Verma Kp Astrologer Vedic Astrologer Numerologist Maha Vastu Expert Reiki GrandMast
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  • In this reading I will perform an in-depth analysis on your birth chart of your child.

  • For new born children I can help you to name the child with Numerology. 

  • If you have Business related problems this consultation is just for you.

  • In this reading I can help you to grow your business properly by using Astrology.

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  • In this consultation I will be checking your floor plan according to the maha vastu method

  • I will guide you to remove vastu doshas in your house. 

In this reading I will be using my intuition and Tarot cards to guide you properly with your future questions. 

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Reiki Healing is a divine process of sending positive healing vibes to person at distance or even physically touching and transferring positive energy

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