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Child Horoscope Specialist 

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Child Astrologer 

Child astrology specialist 

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Child horoscopic reading, Child Astrology requires next level of dedication and research. I am very passionate about child horoscopes. Since past 6 years of My professional Astrology Practice, I have read more then 800 child Horoscopes.

In my child horoscopic reading you will learn the following  - 

  • What is the best child name with both Astrology + Numerology  

  • How to improve the success factors of the child in the early years of school and how to keep him safe and secure.  

  • How you can create a positive Vaastu environment in the Child's room

  • How to use the color therapy to heal the mind of the child 

  • What astrological remedies are required to obtain the blessings of the planets 



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