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Tarot Cards Reading by Gautam Verma.png

Tarot Card Reading is a spiritual way of inquiring about your life and most importantly managing present life to attain the desired future goals. Future is always in your hand, use the guidance of universe, spirit guides to manifest your desired future.

Its purely a divine guidance as I connect with "Onkar", "Anahad Nad", "the divine sound" and 'Noor ' 'The Divine Light' to guide you well for your future.  I have attained expertise in connecting with seekers spirit guides to pass on your elders message to you.


In this service I will I  use many types  of Tarot Cards Spreads to find out about your life and your journey. I may use traditional Tarot Spreads life Celtic Cross, Dyadic Spread, Rose Spread etc. To find out the answers to your questions. Plus, I will use my Intuition to elaborate on such findings.   


This will be an interactive tarot reading session by the end of it you will feel so filled with optimism to tackle your life issues with courage. Life will become a sheer joy once you apply the guidance of Tarot Cards.

Fees for Sessions

1) 30 mins of Tarot for 1200 includes GST 

2) 1 Hour of Tarot for 2100 Plus GST

3) Family Pack for 5000 Plus GST 

Payment method all types of Cards, Netbanking, UPI, Payment Apps ,Overseas transfers to bank, NEFT in Indian Currency only.  

Ask me for an appointment by contacting in the Chat or Email me at 

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