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Divine Reiki Healing

Reiki is energy that is omnipresent. It is present in Total Universe. The whole formless existence (Nirakar) is ultimately energy. Sun is radiating energy to our galaxy and planet earth. All living beings are eventually made up of moving energy (Sub Atomic Particles)

All matter is made up of Atomic Energy. There is an abundance of this cosmic energy. Once you are sick you have created a block to this free flowing energy. By taking some Reiki Healing sessions you get attuned to this universal energy. Healer emits a strong Bio- Photon Energy that is received by 55 Trillion Cells.

All 7 Chakras get balanced and thus leading to a healthy immune system and improved cellular function. Also most importantly a steady flow of energy through these energy centers. Person becomes spiritually fit and healthy. Reiki healing therapy has tremendous health and spiritual benefits.

Once the energy that caused the health issue is released. The person can experience a positive mind set. That guides the 55 trillion cells to function in harmony and replace the old deceased cells in order to uplift the health of the being.

Further body generates healthy hormones and heals it self. I provide Divine Reiki Healing Therapy by connecting to cosmic departments like ‘Shiva Shakti’, ‘Vishnu Shakti’ and many more. I am connected to the universal ‘ONKAR’ (Divine Sound), Divine Light (Noor) and have been blessed with Samadhi.

With my spiritual experience, I can dig deep into the cause of the health issue. I provide intuitive guidance in my Tarot Reading and Astro Practice. Also check my crystals range on my website

My whole approach is to make life so beautiful that person enjoys Health, Wealth and Happiness. Key to success is always inside of us we just need someone who has experienced the True.

Thank You 🙂 🙏🌺

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