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Lakshmi Mittal Horoscope

Billionaire Kundli

In the horoscope of Lakshmi Mittal, one of the top ten richest men in India, his laagnalord Sun is in the 11th house of gains and is causing a rajayoga by being aspected by the auspicious Jupiter who is his 5th lord, his 2nd lord of wealth Mercury who is also the 11th lord of gains is in the great 10th house of profession and in conjunction with exalted Moon is forming a great rajayoga.

His 10th lord of profession Venus is in the great 9th house, his bhagyadhipati 9th lord Mars is in his dhanasthana and upiter well placed in the 7th house and Saturn well placed in lagna and in mutual aspect with Jupiter is causing another rajayoga.

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