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How to make crystals infused/charged water

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

How to make crystals infused/charged water

By Gautam Verma

Reiki Master

Tarot Card Reader 

Crystals Healer 

Meditation Expert 


These days our water source has become more and more mechanical as we have become more susceptible to water borne illnesses, even with greater purity through RO filter. So what is lacking?

The thoughts that we put into our water before drinking has a significant role on our body. As we try to rush through our daily chores we often forget our life’s most important thing that is in our hand and that is water. There was a research done by Japanese Scientist Emoto Masaru, his views and study is quite significant in understanding human consciousness and water relation.

How crystals can help me with water and its effects on my body. When we put a crystal like clear quartz into the water, we are likely to balance our energy body and boost our immunity. If you are looking for abundance try using the Citrine Crystal. If you are looking to enhance yourself love Rose Quartz is great for you.

The first step is to choose the right crystal and do your own research, some crystals like Tiger Eye contain Asbestos. Second step is to buy the correct crystal for you. We at Gautam Crystals are committed to provide high quality Crystals in their natural form. This is perhaps the most important step of all. As in the market many crystal sellers are selling dyed and fake crystals. So one needs to buy from the right spiritual business. Then meditate on the crystal to check for the quality.

Third step is to do a trail with your crystals, now you would like to see if the crystal emits any color in the water when you leave it dipped in the water for 24 hours to see the water color. If you take your tumble out of the water and you still see color in your water means that the product must have been a dyed fake product.

Fourth Step – now assuming you have got an original quality crystal. Now before you start charging your water with that. Make sure that you have a clean glass container to use for this. Before putting the crystal in the water, you should visualize the desired outcome as your present reality. For instance if you would like to shape your body to a slim and fitter version of yourself.

You should see yourself in the visual in your desired shape. Then see that the crystal is shining with divine white light and bringing peace and desired outcome into your life. Then say out loud the outcome for instance – ‘I have got slim and fit, my new jeans fit me and people ask me for health tips’. You might want to write it down and repeat it many times. Use cold water

Fifth Step – leave your crystals overnight for at least for 72 hours before using that water. Now your water is ready to be used. You might experience instant change in your thoughts and feel more energetic. You may also find the taste of water changed it’s because of crystals. Repeat these steps for as long as you like. I personally charge my water with crystal every week.

Check our water dipping crystals and individual crystals. We provide high quality and natural crystals. Delivered worldwide.

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