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Effect of Numbers in Numerology

Numerology always fascinated me as an Astrologer, earlier when I had no knowledge of numerology, I use to ignore the numbers. But when I did a Master level course of numerology, I learnt various methods of making predictions with numbers. Today I am going to share an important concept of numbers with you. Every person has a birth number and that birth number can decide many aspects of the person's life.

Lets understand every number and the planet that is associated with the same. Number 1 represents SUN planet. People with birth number 1 are born administrators, bosses. They deserve the highest chair in their organization. They don't like to work under other people. Sometimes when a person has life path of 4,8,7,9 person can become egoistic also.

Number 2 represents moon planet it is an emotional number, represents a teacher, travel planner, someone who works with water. Hospitality and makeup industry is also seen with number 2. Person can open a restaurant with such a number. It adds motherly qualities to the person.

Number 3 represents a teacher, professor, priest, coach and lawyer. These are the professions associated with number 3. Normally such people give a great advice as number 3 people are very wise. If these traits are not controlled in public dealings person can annoy other with their speech like conversations. Others normally feel left out with such number people.

Number 4 represents Rahu planet, although a node but an important one. This number can bring legal attitude, person can become a lawyer, technically sound person. If the life path is 8 person will become a technician rather then an engineer. Person may do great in stock market. If the personality goes totally negative then such person can develop an addition of liquor, drugs etc. Most of the criminals have birth number 4 or life path 4. So person can take a wrong path also.