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Numerology Master Numbers

In the world of Numerology, there are three master numbers that can be present in someone's birth number or lifepath number. In Numerology they have a great significance. They balance the mismatch between someone's birth number or life path number. From time to time such person receives the divine help.

But in case of special people who have a perfect harmony in their birth number and life path number they depict a spiritually blessed person. That person can become a perfect Reiki Grandmaster or a Healer of any other healing modality. That person attains a lot of spiritual success. That person can also attain enlightenment and reach the heights of consciousness.

These numbers are 11, 22, 33. If you would like to find out about these numbers email me at

Would you like to know one of the famous Spiritual Master who had these numbers. Lets talk about Master OSHO. A great spiritual Master with more then 10 Hundred thousand disciples. His contribution to the spiritual world is enormous. He attainted enlightenment on 21 March 1953, when he was 21 years old, in a mystical experience while sitting under a tree in the Bhanvartal garden in Jabalpur 

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