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Crystals bed for patient and elderly

This particular topic is important to me as many times crystals healing is needed for person in hospital or sick patients in home. If we can educate people regarding the combination of medical therapy and crystals healing, we can bring miraculous results. So what is bed crystals therapy, for the first time when I heard of this term, during my Reiki Healing training program. One of my Reiki Grandmaster had actually given this therapy of making bed for someone who never even heard of Crystals or Reiki Healing. I was quite shocked that to hear that the person not only recovered from the health problem but also become a believer himself from his previous atheist personality.

This therapy involves using Chakra tumbles and placing them beneath the patient’s bed. The can even be placed below the mattress or on the ground. To help such patient’s we at Gautam Crystals help our customer to choose the best crystals and combinations customized for their needs. Patient’s recovery is much faster with crystals that are infused with Reiki. For such patients who are in ICU or on the bed we also recommend Reiki Divine Healing.

The crystal bed combines the power of color healing and crystal healing therapy. This produces stimulation on physical and energy levels of the existence. This Bio photon energy is picked up by our cell receptors. Our 55 Trillion Cells have their own cellular mind. They are responsible for all that happens within us from mother’s womb then birth till death. We have a huge pharmaceutical factory running within us. If science have to make such a complex machine it would fail against the creativity of nature. It’s amazing how our pancreas produce hormones like insulin and glucagon, how our heart beats constantly to keep us alive. How an infant goes on to become 6 feet tall then grow mature and old.

Human body is the supreme machine ever in this existence. When a person is in hospital or very sick. Normally the Chakras are Misbalanced and cellular power is depleted. So is the Reiki Healing Force, since doctors are constantly monitoring the patient. It’s advisable to sit down with doctor and ask for the permission to use crystals in patient’s bed. Normally, doctor would allow you to use the same. Now the question is what is needed for which patient how we can place crystals. We at Gautam Crystals are always looking to help our clients, even answering their quires regarding the crystals, healing, tarot and personal life issues.

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