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My Spiritual Masters 
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Osho Siddhrath Aulia Ji

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Gautam Verma

Reiki Master

Tarot Card Reader 

Crystals Healer 

Meditation Expert 


Gautam Verma is a certified Tarot Reader and a certified Reiki Master. As a natural intuitive, Gautam uses his clairvoyant, claircognizant, and clairsentient or empathic abilities to see, know, and feel the information sought by his clients. Gautam then provides personalized guidance and support by delivering powerful messages from the Universe/Masters, from his clients' guides, and from his clients' higher selves to open up new doorways and to clarify his clients' path and objectives. Gautam has completed over one hundred readings.

In channelling messages from the Universe and from his own higher self, Gautam was able to overcome his own negative beliefs, emotional blocks, and misdirected efforts. His new perspective and his relationship and communication with the Masters guided his to an incredible journey filled with fresh opportunities.

Gautam's belief is that every negative experience teaches us to grow and learn from our heart and from our spirit. He empathizes with his clients' challenges and suffering and then translates those challenges into messages of vision and clarity at the instruction of his Masters and Guides. The newfound perspective helps Gautam's clients to open their hearts to receive answers to questions that cannot be answered intellectually.

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