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My Astrology consultation 

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Fees for Astrology Service 2661 Includes GST


Whatsapp me at 9955661108 

Get answers to your major life questions, career guidance, job, future outcomes, timing of events, love life, property purchase,  remedies for ultimate success. This will give you an outlook of your life, love life, children, wealth, incidents, success and failures. Also, I will guide you with best gemstones guidance to maximize the results of the planets.

I will be using the accurate method of 'Krishnamurti Paddhati' to find the probable outcome of the planets and also using their Sub Lord to find the effective future result. In KP system we can pin point to any past/ future incident's time by checking Cuspal Sublord System and thus calculate a timing of event in future. 

Also I am a Vedic Astrologer will use many types of Dasha Systems, Vedic Sutras given by Sage Parashara, Sage Saravali and Many more sages. I have done advanced studies on higher divisional charts and can help you with the same. 

Payment method all types of Cards, Netbanking, UPI, Payment Apps ,Overseas transfers to bank, NEFT in Indian Currency only.  

Ask me for an appointment by contacting in the Chat or Email me at 

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